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    Review As featured in Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times, and Mental Floss.2018 Gift Guide Mentions: Blumhouse, Birth! Movies! Death!, Famous Monsters of Filmland, and Daily Dead.'Ad Nauseam recreates the vanished world of the grindhouses and the drive ins by emphasizing the foreplay of the experience. We were virgins, and this is how we were seduced!' --Joe Bob Briggs 'Horror fans who enjoyed Paperbacks from Hell by Grady Hendrix might thrill to Michael Gingold's Ad Nauseam.” -- Library Journal 'A must for fans of the [horror] genre!' -- MovieWeb 'Gloriously lowbrow…a fascinating look into the genre’s past.' - Birth.Movies.Death 'It’s more than a mere coffee table book filled with retro horror movie ads from the go-go 80s. It also features prominent reviews from the time (many of which were ridiculously off-track) as well as Gingold’s personal remembrances of seeing these films in the grindhouse palaces of The Big Apple.' -- 'Highly entertaining.” - The Cleveland Plain Dealer 'A love letter to the heyday of ’80s horror. If you have fond memories of sifting through newspapers in the ’80s to look at artwork for new movies, we highly recommend this read…it preserves a cherished era of the horror genre.” - Daily Dead 'An amazing collection of classic horror trash film ads.” - Dangerous Minds “Ad Nauseam bombards us with nostalgia, and each of the 248 pages is a delight. 9.7/10!” - Horreur Québec 'The Holy Grail of '80s horror newsprints. A must-have centerpiece for your coffee table.” - Nightmare Nostalgia 'It’s easy to fall in love with Ad Nauseam’s historical window through the weird, outlandish takes on promoting horror movies at the peak of their popularity….a delightful treat!' - MovieMaker Magazine 'One of my favorite books in recent memory, Ad Nauseam brings back my adolescence in full force collecting off-forgotten newspaper ads that I used to pore over.” - Forces of Geek 'What better way to get yourself in the mood for Halloween than browsing a selection of macabre and often over-the-top '80s horror movie print ads?' - The Wall Street Journal 'Things we love' column - Shudder Read more About the Author Michael Gingold first began reproducing newspaper ads for 1980s horror films in his Xerox fanzine Scareaphanalia, and went on to become a longtime editor and writer for Fangoria magazine and on-line. He also currently contributes to Rue Morgue, Birth.Movies.Death, Time Out New York, Scream, and others. Michael is the author of The FrightFest Guide to Monster Movies and Shark Movie Mania, and has created featurettes and written liner notes for numerous Blu-ray and DVD releases. Read more

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