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    Review In freely sharing what he sees and experiences, Souders immerses his audience in a captivating adventure, offering an intimate view of both the perils of lone exploration and the stunning beauty of the wild. The result is a rare, enchanting treat for any reader. (Barry Silverstein Foreword Reviews)In [Arctic Solitaire], Souders describes three years of solo voyages in the Arctic in search of polar bear images, a series of adventures told with humor and humility which nonetheless represent hair-raising acts of daring. (Charles Wohlforth Anchorage Daily News)Paul Souders's obsessive quest is weirder than his lighthearted tone would suggest. From the rim of the world, he brings back plenty of wisdom about the mania of professional photographers in this point-and-shoot age of easy adventure tourism. Also useful: tips about when to stop clicking―and start walking backwards. (Tom Kizzia, author of Pilgrim's Wilderness and The Wake of the Unseen Object)[Paul Souders] capture[s] numerous polar bears and other wildlife on film, all of which he describes in loving and lyrical tones. Interspersed with his personal narrative are reflections on the history of previous arctic explorers as well as commentaries on the native Inuit he encountered in the tiny, isolated villages he visited. Arctic Solitaire is also filled with beautiful color images that mirror the story he tells. This is a great read about a harsh region of the world few get to see on their own. (Lee E. Cart Shelf Awareness, STARRED REVIEW)[Arctic Solitaire] offers a pleasurable excursion into the arctic wilds, interspersed with excellent, colorful images that give a good sense of the landscape.... Adventurous memories of a talented photojournalist that abound with wonderful surprises. (Kirkus Reviews)At its heart, Arctic Solitaire is both a paean and a caution to following one's passion to the ends of the earth. Few of us would push so far in pursuit of something as ethereal as a photograph, and fewer would attempt it alone. Souders illuminates what it is to follow a dream to extremes, and he does this with humor, humility, and, in the end, some serious thinking about what is most important in life. (Nancy Lord Anchorage Daily News)Souders’ quest to photograph polar bears led to this memoir detailing a series of solo, accident-prone adventures piloting a 22-foot boat through Arctic waters. The search for the iconic animal takes Souders from Hudson Bay up to Repulse Bay, in northern Canada, stopping at Inuit villages along the way. (National Geographic Traveler)In every great adventure story, a personal inner journey mirrors the physical one. And in the course of reading his captivating 2018 book Arctic Solitaire, it becomes clear that Souders’ search for the perfect bear would lead him to far more important discoveries. (Heather Steinberger Boating Magazine) Read more About the Author For more than thirty years, Paul Souders has traveled around the world and across all seven continents as a professional photographer. His images have appeared across the globe in a wide variety of publications, including National Geographic, Geo (France and Germany), Time, and Life magazines, as well as in hundreds of publishing and advertising projects. Read more

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