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    From the Author In response to my readers' feedback, I have amended the contents of this book in the current edition 1.2, which include the provision of :1)  More details of how to choose a dizi;2)  More details of the breathing method and embouchure for playing the dizi;3)  The fingering charts for C, E, F and G-keys dizis;4)  More sheet music of dizi songs for practice; and5)  Certain dizi techniques are transliterated for the sake of faithfulness.Moreover, as some readers have inquired about the kind of dizis taught in this book, I would like to give an explanation for that:The 6-holed D-key dizi (qudi) is used as a demonstration model, but its fingering chart is actually applicable to other 6-holed dizis in ALL keys as well.  In fact, the only factor that calls for a new chart is a change in the number of fingering holes, but not the key of the dizi.The chart is based on solfeggi, which correspond to different notes under different key signatures.  I have therefore explained the mechanism behind and provided a conversion table for converting the chart on your own.  This may require some effort to understand them, but afterwards you only need to remember one chart instead of numerous charts that are filled with notes, which are never used by dizi players in China as Chinese sheet music is written in solfeggi (1-7) rather than notes (A-G).At last, I am glad to inform you that Book 2, the Advanced Skill, has been released now, which introduces various dizi techniques mentioned in this book.  Thank you! Read more

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