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    The harmonica is an awesome choice for anyone who wants to learn a musical instrument. It is easy to learn and can fit into a variety of musical styles and genres. In an easy-to-understand style, this audiobook provides interesting facts about the harmonica, a list of important terms, the parts of the harmonica, and other relevant information. It also provides practice exercises, suggested tunes, and instruction on many of the basic and advanced fundamentals.From this audiobook, you will learn:The influence of the harmonica on all music genresA primer on harmonica jargonHow to choose the right harmonicaChromatic harmonica vs. diatonic harmonicaThe basic how-to needed to play the harmonica, including the proper hand position, mouth position, and breathing techniquesThe location of music notes on both chromatic and diatonic harmonicasAdvanced techniques to manipulate notes and improvise a musical selectionCreating riffs and licksNote tabulation to play a variety of popular tunesTips and suggestions on how to make the most of a musical practice sessionThe harmonica is an easy-to-play instrument. It is a life-long skill that has enjoyed acceptance by some of the most renowned musicians in the world. You can also play it at family gatherings, community events, as well as in blues and jazz clubs. Research has shown that learning to play a musical instrument has tremendous benefits for a person's mental, emotional, and physical health. The harmonica is especially helpful in strengthening breathing. But, mostly, playing the harmonica is fun and rewarding. Whether you are a beginner or someone who is looking to learn something new, picking up a harmonica is a great way to broaden your musical knowledge. Let this audiobook be your first step toward accomplishing this goal. 

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