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    Review 'The iconic landmarks for which Paris is known the world over rarely feature in the photography of Nichole Robertson - which is precisely what makes her imagery so compelling, irresistible and refreshingly different.' - Nicola Williams, Art of the Weekend  'She seeks out culture high and low, bits of nature thriving in the city and moments of human interaction. Neutral grays and browns are featured prominently in her work; bouncing against each other, like shades, they feel lively. Robertson's color-seeking approach is surprising, given the uniformly neutral shade that prevails in so much of Paris.' - CNN Travel  Read more From the Author I'm consistently drawn to the way color contrasts Paris' neutral facades, the way layers of paint erode into a form of abstract art, and to the details that are often overshadowed by iconic landmarks. The photos offer candid glimpses of the thoughtful craftsmanship, pedestrian pleasures and gracefully worn textures that cumulatively capture the unmistakable charm of Paris. - Nichole Robertson Read more See all Editorial Reviews

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