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    Télécharger My First Recorder Book: For Beginning Recorder Students et lire le My First Recorder Book: For Beginning Recorder Students livres en ligne au format PDF. Également obtenir des livres avec la catégorie au format EPUB et Mobi. Découvrez d'autres livres traduits en Anglais, en Espagnol.

    Description des Livres :

    This is a wonderful music book for beginning recorder students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. Based on the Teaching Music Reading Skills Method Book for Elementary Music Teachers, this music book has easy-to-read notation, fun graphics, and best of all it is a Kindle Book. Students will not have to take their books back and forth to school on Music Day. The teacher will project the music pages on a screen for classroom instruction and students can practice at home using their iPads, Kindles, laptops, or desktop computers. In Level 1, students will learn to play songs using the notes — B-A-G, and then introduce High C and High D. There are challenge pages and sightreading pages for students to practice for classroom assessments. Level 2 includes holiday songs, rounds, harmony, and challenge songs for students to play. The new notes to be learned in Level 2 are Low E-D, F, F#, and Bb. Fingering diagrams are included for all notes. Parents and teachers alike will love the convenience of having an electronic music book!

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