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    Are you a photojournalist or learning digital photography or already a professional photographer or a traveler? The author doesn't discriminate your basis your digital photography skills or background – the book is written for all. Even for non-photographers! You will get some inspiration to buy a digital camera or start documentary photography using your smartphone.Luckily, you're on the right page! This book is for you. Don't just appreciate the book cover, go beyond the cover and read this niche street photography book.The author deliberates on: •Techniques of photography rather than gadgets and gears•Concepts of people and editorial photography•Getting right composition, even if it requires breaking the rules for the sake of art•Photography tips that you can leverage with ease and apply to your photography immediately•Editing images to get what you saw, rather than making the photos look larger than life•How to showcase your masterpiece on social media and offline•A bonus chapter!The book is full of captivating street portraits to make concepts clear. Author himself took these photos of people belonging to multiple ethnicity, age and religion from over dozens of countries.Well, the book doesn't just teach you basic digital photography skills -- rather, it takes you beyond photography basics to the art harnessed by famous photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Vivian Maier, and Diane Arbus who produced amazing documentary photographs.Exciting enough? Click couple of buttons, flip few pages of the book and finish the book today. Even if you gather couple of photography tips from this crisp book it would be good couple of hours spent.Note: The book size is large because of amazing photographs. The author didn't want to compromise on the quality and reading experience on the digital devices.Tag me in your images on Instagram (@i.ranjan) and drop a review to guide other potential readers.

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