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    Review “I wish I had your gift!” How do you handle those words as a creative artist? When you’re good at what you do, is it really humble to hem and haw in the face of praise? Between pride and self-abasement lies true humility—just one aspect of the balanced character God wants to instill in you as an actor, a musician, a visual artist, or other creative person involved in ministry. He’s interested in your art and your heart. The Heart of the Artist is like no other book you’ve read. Written for artists by an artist, this frank, knowledgeable book deals head-on with issues every person in an arts ministry faces. With passion and conviction that come from personal experience, Rory Noland, music director for Willow Creek Community Church, addresses topics such as ? Servanthood Versus Stardom ? The Artist in Community ? Excellence Versus Perfectionism ? Jealousy and Envy ? Managing Your Emotions ? The Spiritual Disciplines of the Artist The Heart of the Artist will help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your unique place in the body of Christ. You’ll find wisdom and encouragement that can help you survive the challenges and reap the rich joys of a ministry in the creative arts -- Publisher Read more From the Publisher The church can be so enthusiastic for the product an artist or musician produces that issues of character and commitment are often glossed over. This book faces those concerns head on. Looking at the particular gifts and challenges that artists bring to the spiritual life, Noland uses his experiences of discipling artists to explore issues such as servanthood versus stardom, teamwork versus lone-ranger Christianity, and excellence versus perfectionism. This is the only book written especially to help artists and those who work with artists take seriously God's call to character growth in their Christian lives. Read more See all Editorial Reviews

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